Katy is originally from Vietnam, she studied external economics and graduated from Foreign Trade University – one of the top leading universities in Vietnam – in 2013. After having been working in consumer goods and import-export fields at a big company for a period of time, she found out that goods are becoming increasingly diverse while people are increasingly busy and do not have enough time and information to make good decisions in online shopping for consumer products of good quality. 

Therefore, she started to learn how to help people buy good products that suit their needs at the lowest price without spending too much time and effort to choose.

In 2014, besides her day job, Katy started her own project with a website that specializes in reviewing outstanding products on Amazon and other websites. However, after 2 years this project had met many obstacles and did not come to the desired result. 

Never giving up, in 2017 Katy spent 1 year going to Taiwan to study the Chinese language to explore the market, and with the language, she believed that she can reach out to Taiwanese and Chinese manufacturers to expand relationships and find out good domestic resources from those competitive markets. (Advantages in low price labor and high-quality domestic products). In 2018 Katy returned to her home country and built a core team to develop a new project that she had cherished for many years.

Katy’s business was officially established and headquartered in San Diego under the name Cubikook. In the beginning, there are only 2 founders – Katy and her friend, Simon, who is an extremely enthusiastic person living and working in California.

Initially, the main product they focused on was the diamond dust knife sharpener. This product is supported by users all over the United States, marking a good start for Cubikook. Next, Cubikook expands the scale with the employees constantly researching to find highly appreciated products from suppliers by directly buying these products for real testing and quality evaluation. Each item must undergo testing and evaluation, characterizing, redesigning the design to suit and testing its quality carefully before being released to the market and delivered to users. So even the most demanding customers often give compliments on the items Cubikook sold.

Currently, the company has more and more new products to serve the needs of the kitchen. Cubikook’s goal is to bring customers products with the best experience at the most suitable prices so that users do not need to spend time researching in order to choose their desired products. With the aim of putting customer satisfaction on the highest level, Cubikook always strives to constantly improve to bring the best experience to its customers not only from good products but also in service quality. great customers.


Katy and her partners

Cubikook LLC


  • Main Office: 4275 Executive Square, 200 suite, La Jolla, San Diego, CA 92037
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CEO / Founder

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